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Age Management Medicine in Louisville, Kentucky & Surrounding States

Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Improve your life, looks and libido. We help restore your natural hormone levels through a program designed to meet your individual needs.

Weight Management & Skin Care Services

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Manage your weight the smart way. DO NOT DIET! We offer weight management and Skin Care services with and understanding.

Children's Wellness Program

Your Child's health includes their physical, mental, and social well-being. Our Children's Wellness Program analyzes each patient's nutrition, sleep and exercise habits.

"We believe in a holistic approach to wellness, because health is a physical, mental, and bio-identical balancing process. Our goal is to help our patient's along the journey to health and wellness. We accomplish this by a thorough evaluation, keeping informed of advancements and always insuring that our patient's well-being is our top priority."

-Peggy H. Fishman, M.D.

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Age Management Medicine

What is Age Management Medicine? 

The Science of Age-Management Medicine is represented by advances in the fields of biochemistry, biology and physiology. The field is enhanced by contributions from mind/body, sports medicine, molecular genetics and emerging medical technologies. Age-management medicine is evidence-based, clinically sound health care.

Our Age-Management Services Include:

  • Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation
  • Age-Management / Preventative Medicine
  • Nutritional Evaluations
  • Heavy Metal Testing and Detoxification
  • Cognitive Enhancement with Memory Protectors
  • Genetic Testing
  • Immune System Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical-Grade Customized Nutritional Supplements

About Us

The Center for Integrative & Age-Management Medicine is a medical Age Management Practice, located in Louisville, Kentucky and Ridgefield Connecticut. We offer bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and nutritional evaluations for a wide array of individuals and conditions.

The science of age-management medicine is represented by science based advances in the fields of biochemistry, biology, and physiology. The field is supported by contributions from medicine, sports medicine, molecular genetics, and emerging medical technologies. Age-management medicine is evidence-based, clinically sound health care.

Certified physicians are proactively engaged in helping patients take control of their aging process while enjoying a better quality and more vigorous life.

Medical Staff

Dr. Peggy H. Fishman, MD is board-certified in both ophthalmology and anti-aging medicine. She is a licensed physician and surgeon in Connecticut, Kentucky, and Indiana. In addition, she is a Keelow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Endocrine Society, the American Society for Pediatric Ophthalmology/Strabismus, the American College for Advancement of Medicine, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and the Life Extension Foundation. Dr. Fishman is the founder and medical director of the Institute of Integrative and age-management medicine.

Dr. Peggy Fishman & Mr. Phillip Fishman, Anti-Aging Medicine Organization in Louisville, Kentucky

Dr. Peggy Fishman & Mr. Phillip Fishman

(70 is the New 40!)

Stavan Bhatt, MS, MEd. is the Director of Research/Development, with two Master Degrees. He is the leading authority in Nutrition, Physiology, Body Chemistry and Anti-Aging Developments.

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